By owning a copy of WOR2ONE you are allowed to run personal competitions and display results publicly on top of the global high scores. To do so, enter a name for your event (24 characters max., alphabet and numbers only). It is going to appear in the header of the high scores box. Next, choose a date for your event! You can book a date in the upcoming 2 weeks. Set exact start time too. Your personal competition is going to be visible for 4 hours. Finaly, enter the serial nr. of your game copy! You can find it in the manual. After submitting you need to upload any score to the system in 10 minutes to validate your request. You can run only one event at a time. If you change your mind, you can cancel your event by requesting a delete (also needs serial nr). In this case you need to submit another score to validate your decision. Results of preceding events can be checked on this page. Keep in mind, that all time stamps used on this site are UTC+2 (actual: 2024/02/23 07:50). If you are in a different time zone, first convert your date!

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